Cooling your home with an Air Conditioner is one of our options in beating the summer heat, but it cost a lot of money to enjoy the benefit of having an Air Condition System inside our home, money that you may be saving for other important things. Here are some tips on how you can cut down your electric bills on your Air Condition this summer.

1. Keep the filter cleanIf you are using a disposable filter, it should be replaced at least once a month so you could get the best cooling temperature every time you turn on your air condition. Dirty filter reduces the cooling capacity of your air condition; it can also lead to frozen indoor coils that may cause some serious damage on the whole unit. Maintaining your filter clean can help you save a lot of money from paying the repair service.

2. Always check the main switch – Some air conditioning switch system are installed inside the house for safety and convenience, they are usually aligned with you other main switch like your light switch, it’s important for you to not get confused in it. Because others always calls in for repair service saying their air condition is not working, where in fact they are turning on the wrong switch. Make sure to double check everything before calling us for the service and repair.

3. Tripped or Breaker Failure – Always check your breakers, if your air condition is not working, there are cases that you just need to reset your breaker if your air condition doesn’t want to turn on. If resetting the tripped breaker still not working, immediately call us for an urgent check up to prevent your air condition for some serious damage.

4. Leak problems – There is something wrong with your air conditioning system when there are leaks, the cooling and heating may be affected as well, and the coil might get freeze, and it may cause some serious damage on the compressor. Immediately schedule for a service check up with us, we have all the tools and ways in solving the refrigerant leaks problem.

5. Thermostat – Some thermostat are not automatic, you need to manually adjust it according to your desired temperature, if the switch is in the position, and your air conditioner won’t work properly. But quality digital thermostat rarely fails, but using low quality might get you into trouble, voltage spike might cause a malfunction.

6. Drain pan clogging – Air conditioners lower down the temperature by releasing cool air, it pulls out the heat out of the humid air. Your drain pan must always be in a good condition, and because liquid always flow through it, algae can sprout all over, which is the main cause of clogging, so regularly check your drain pan and report it to us if you are experiencing this problem. We regularly conduct and air conditioning tune up, or you could always call us if it’s already needed to be tuned up.

7. Always check the contactor – A contactor is also defined as an electrical relay which is used to control the flow of the power circuit. It is the device that responds to a small current or voltage change by activating an electrical circuit. Some insects like ants can get in it, which can sometimes wear off the contactor when they get stuck on it. When it happens, the unit might not work properly, it can also lead to electric failure. We can check all these problems when we conduct our spring tune-up. Or you can always call us for immediate checkups.

8. Dirty Evaporator Coil – The evaporator coil is installed inside your home, the coil needs to be cleaned regularly, so it will prevent the dirt and dust from sticking in it that can affect the cooling and heating capacity of your air condition. Dirty coils increases electricity usage, because the air condition system will take time to cool or heat up.

9. Dirty Condenser Coil – The condenser coil is in the outside portion of the air conditioning system. A dirty condenser coil is inefficient; it increases electricity usage just like the dirty evaporator coil, because it reduces the cooling and heating capacity of the whole system, keeping it clean will save you from spending a lot of money for the repairs and service.

10.Duct Leaks – The duct transport the air to different rooms, it’s important to plan where to put the duct holes in your house, if you are not staying in the basement or at the attic, might as well not to put any duct in those rooms, so it won’t reduce the cooling or heating temperature in the rooms that you always stays in.

“Hope you take a note of all these tips, simple problems can lead to serious damage, and it can cost you huge amount of money.”