The use of heated flooring goes back as far Neolithic times and even the Roman era used it. Evidence for it can be found today in the British city of Bath. Of course the location has the benefit of naturally heated water and springs. Modern housing might not have access naturally heated thermal resources, but technology has created superior heating & cooling system features that any good radiant floor service can install into your existing or new home. Radiant heating is considered to be part of a central heating & cooling system. They work by having a radiant floor service install element under the flooring to provide gentle steady heat that takes the chill off the floor.

One can install a radiant heating & cooling system under most any type of floor. Ceramic and stone tile floors are very popular choices, of course, but wood and carpet are also used. Tile flooring in the bathroom or kitchen lend themselves well to radiant forms of heating, and one should consult with a radiant floor service before picking a tile type if one wants to make sure they get the best combination of radiant heat and beautiful floor. One ideal use for a radiant heating & cooling system is in the bathroom, as it can take the chill off the floor and make morning use much more pleasant. There are both electric and water based systems that work well with the most common tiles used in the bathing areas. Another place where tiles might be used is in the kitchen, although some prefer wood there. Radiant floor service can install the best system for your needs no matter which location you are considering.

Both electric and water based radiant heating & cooling systems can add value to your home while reducing energy costs for you, because heat is delivered in the living zones where it is most used, at floor level. Use of programmable thermostats can help set times for the heating to be on so that it is not running all the time when it need not be on. Water based heating uses thin pipes under the flooring, while electrical heating uses a wire mesh. The one that you pick should depend on the material of the over-floor and the needs you have. Heating of this type can contribute to better indoor air quality by reducing the need to use carping that can collect dust and increase the chances of allergies.

Using a radiant floor service to install a heating & cooling system under carpeting, wood or laminate flooring can make sense also. Even though such floor types do not get as cold as tile or stone floors, there are other reasons to heat the home from the floor up. Installing radiant floor elements under carpeting takes special care, and the use of the right materials. Companies make these elements so that they deliver gentle steady temperatures that will not damage the flooring over them. These special mats can be used under wood and carpeting alike. There are even ways to use radiant heating under area rugs.

Contacting a radiant floor service to have a radiant heating & cooling system installed in your home can have amazing benefits in the bath, kitchen, bedroom, or any other living space that needs to be warmed a little. Since water based radiant flooring can be used for cooling too, that type of system can be used year round to maintain the temperature inside the home. Reducing energy costs and improving air quality across the board in every living space. Modern technology has advanced the use of radiant heating to encompass almost every type of flooring, although tile and stone works brilliantly with it and nearly demand it in cold climates. Carpeted, wood covered and laminated flooring should not be excluded from the types of over-floors used with radiant heat systems as long as the proper heating elements are chosen to go complement them.