Turner Air Purification Lively PlantsConsumers in the market for a new heating and cooling system are likely to consider the addition of an air purifier system at the same time. Just as need for a new furnace means shopping for a heat and air conditioner system combined, increasingly an air purifier system is included as well. Even those who are not needing a new heating and cooling system may find the need for an air purifier system important enough to install sooner rather than later, due to health problems.

Air purification systems are becoming more commonplace because today’s homes and other buildings are considerably more airtight than those built in the past were. This makes heating and cooling systems are more efficient, however it also means that contamination is trapped and build up to a degree not previously seen. Additionally, many materials used in new construction and in furnishings give off volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which can be harmful when they accumulate. To address this problem, the same professionals employed to install a heating and cooling system will often be available to install an air purification systems.Turner Air Purification Plants

Older homes and buildings present other difficulties. Old duct-work, ill-fitting windows and years of dust accumulation in the many nooks and cracks found in older structures provide alternately a means of access and repository for allergens. Regardless of size of a building or its age, an air purification system installed in a heat and air conditioner system is beneficial and can help with the following disorders.

Allergies – Many airborne particles can trigger an allergy attack. Among the most common allergens are feces from dust mites, mold spores, pet dander, pollen and dust. The use of an air purification system in conjunction with a building’s heat and air conditioner system can greatly reduce the occurrence and severity of allergy attacks. This not only makes life more comfortable for allergy sufferer but also reduces lost productivity both while an employee is at work and in reducing sick days.

Asthma – potentially deadly, many of the same causes that trigger allergy attacks trigger asthma attacks as well. Additionally flour, latex, enzymes and some reactive chemicals can bring on an asthma attack. A heating and cooling system that utilizes filters that purify the air can prevent many asthmatic incidences by stopping these triggers from circulating.

Sick building syndrome – More common in office buildings than homes, sick building syndrome can sometimes be traced back to flaws in a building’s heating and cooling system. In other cases, the cause might be out-gassing of building materials, VOCs, or inadequate ozone exhaust ventilation. The symptoms are mild and consist of eyes, nose and throat irritation, general malaise, unpleasant smells or tastes and skin irritation.Turner Air Purification Room Plants

Although sick building syndrome may result in some loss of work hours, the main cost is in lost productivity due to employees not feeling their best and being less productive as a result. Potential loss of productive for a company makes the inclusion of air purification when installing the heat and air conditioner equipment economically efficient.

Spread of disease – Bacteria and virus are to some degree trapped by filters in an air purification system and systems that include ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) can kill many more. While they cannot eliminate the spread of disease in a building, a heating and cooling system that utilize HEPA filters and UVGI can reduce the degree of transmission.

Secondhand smoke and other carcinogens – Using heat or air conditioner units that filter air can reduce second hand smoke as well as other cancer causing containments.

It seems ironic that our pursuit of energy efficiency when trying to heat or air condition our buildings the addition of an air purification system to maintain our health is required. Unfortunately, one civilization solves one problem it often creates another one at the same time. Air purification prevents energy efficient building practices from being unhealthy ones.