Once in a while you still need to consult a professional to have a routine check on your Air Conditioning System, although maintaining the cleanliness of it will prevent you for paying for major repairs and services. If you want to maximize the full capacity of your Air Conditioning System, you must think of the perfect area in your home where to install it; perfect duct installation will give you a better airflow, and it will prevent it from getting damaged from improper positioning.

Manhattan New York night time energy consumptionThe National Comfort Institute and the Department of Energy have proven that improper installation and positioning of your Air Conditioning System will reduce 40% of its capacity, most homes only get 60% “Cooling and Heating” benefits from their Air Conditioning System due to improper planning and installation of their units. One reason is that the Air Conditioning coils are sometimes too big or too small for the unit.

Improper planning and installation of your Air Conditioning System will lead you to pay more than what you could get.”

Things You Need To Consider Before Getting an Air Conditioning System

1.    Which Part of the House You Would Want to Keep the Temperature – Think about where you spend most of your time in the house or which part of your house you suffered from the summer heat last year? Once you decided which part of your house, you need to measure the entire area; the total square meter and the height of the ceilings.

2.    Are You Planning to Have an Expansion or Wall Opening – If you are planning to have an expansion or wall opening, you can first consider expanding an existing window so you could save a little time in masonry and carpentry works. Carefully measure the area that needs to be expanded. If you want to get a large unit you may need to do extra works in expanding your windows or creating a new wall opening. It’s not much of a problem if you are just planning to cool or heat a standard room.

3.    Look for a Better Air Conditioning System Manufacturer -Before purchasing an Air Conditioning System, check all the specifications of the unit. Remember, if it has a good filter quality if it has a high rate from MERV.

4.    Prepare All the Tools and Materials for the Installation -Waterproof caulk, measuring tape, screws, screwdrivers, electric drill, and a caulking gun are just some of the basic tools that you will need in installing an Air Conditioning System.

5.    Installing the Air Conditioning System – Just follow these easy steps;

  •          Carefully review the manual for all the directions and steps
  •          Slide the Air Conditioner into the opening
  •          Attach the brackets (as per manufacturers guide)
  •          Pull the extensions and attach them to the opening frame