It’s summer time and you’re definitely thinking of tons of ways to beat the summer heat, aside from heading to the beach, staying home with your family is probably one of your first options, and having a good Air Conditioning System is the most important decision. Because putting shades or blinds over your windows are not enough to keep the temperature inside your home.

bath bathroom bathtubTo fully enjoy the benefits of having an Air Conditioning System inside your home, you should have a company like Turner heating and air perform proper maintenance to keep it functioning well; both “Cooling and Heating”. Having proper airflow and keeping the filter clean are the most important factors to keep you from spending huge amounts of money in repairs and services.

An  Air Conditioning System has a good filter quality if it has a high rate from MERV is a laboratory that tests the quality of the AC filters, the higher the MERV rating the better quality of the filter, meaning the filter has higher ability to block compounds and unwanted particles that may damaged the whole system.

 Three Types of Air Filters

Mechanical Filters – this one is the usual expandable off-the-shelf air conditioning maintenance filter, it traps particles and dust. It is also changeable once it’s filled up, just simply remove it and change it with a new one, there are also washable mechanical filters that can be re-used.

Electronic Air Cleansers – This one do not pass under MERV rating, because the quality of the function of this filter may depend on its cleanliness. Electronic Air Cleansers must be cleaned at least two times a year or more, depending on the type of surrounding that you have. This filter may also function well if combined with Mechanical Filter.

Gas Phase Absorption –This filter is advisable for industrial and laboratory buildings, the main function of this filter is to absorb the unpleasant smell and releases carbon dioxide to maintain the freshness of the air.

“Using calendar and check list can also be your guide in keeping the maintenance of your Air Conditioning System; it will help you save time and money.”

Easy Steps on How to Clean Your Air Conditioning Filter


  1. Turn off the power of your Air Conditioner
  2. Remove the cover, some air conditioner cover are locked with screws or with locking push tabs.
  3. Unclip or slide out the filter from the unit and remove the dirt and dust using a vacuum, remove as much as possible.
  4. Get a large container and mix a solution using ½ vinegar and ½ water, just enough to soak in the filter. The vinegar will remove the allergens and harmful bacteria that were stuck in the filter.
  5. Soak in the filter and leave it for about an hour.
  6. Remove the filter from the solution, lift it up and let it drain by itself. Do not rinse it, when thoroughly dry, return it to its place and cover it back on.

There you go. These are all the tips on how you could maintain the cleanliness of your Air Conditioning System in your home.