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Steven Turner is familiar with the heating and cooling needs of the Grand Rapids area. His company is family owned-and-operated heating and cooling business. In fact, Steven comes from 10 years of a police service, which included 3 years as a sergeant.
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Radiant Floors

Imagine walking around in the middle of an ice-cold January winter night, barefoot, under clothing but comfortably warm. Radiant Floors heating provides warmth that keeps you comfortable from your toes to the top of your head. By having warm feet the whole body feels warmer.

The use of heated flooring goes back as far as Neolithic times and even the Roman era used it. Evidence for it can be found today in the British city of Bath. Of Radiant Floors in Ada MI Areacourse, the location has the benefit of naturally heated water and springs. Modern housing might not have access to naturally heated thermal resources. But Technology has created superior heating features so that any good radiant floor HVAC specialist can install it into your home.

Radiant Floors are considered to be part of a central heating system. They work by having a specialist install elements under the flooring to provide gentle steady heat that takes the chill off the floor.

As the warmth from the floor rises, it heats the whole of the house in a mild manner without the noise and drafts of fans or the smell of open fires […]

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Are You Familiar With The Benefits Of A Home Humidifier?

Many people suffer from problems associated with high humidity and yet might not even be aware of it. They assume that the problems they are experiencing adorable babyare merely allergic reactions and so take some kind of medication to alleviate the symptoms. Nevertheless, these respiratory and allergy issues often worsen during the winter months, even though heat and air conditioner systems are installed. The big question then becomes why?

Your Humidifier System

Having an air conditioner system installed in your home is practical for more reasons than simply maintaining a comfortable temperature. However, you also need to be practical for your needs. When the air in your home is dry it draws moisture out of the various porous materials that are in the home. Items made from wood are good examples of these porous materials and would include anything from wooden flooring to furniture and other items. This causes the air in the home to feel cooler and our reaction is usually to turn up the heat and conditioner system so that we can enjoy a more comfortable temperature. Unfortunately, the result of all this is respiratory […]

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Five Conditions Benefited By Using an Air Purifier System

Turner Air Purification Lively PlantsConsumers in the market for a new heating and cooling system are likely to consider the addition of an air purifier system at the same time. Just as need for a new furnace means shopping for a heat and air conditioner system combined, increasingly an air purifier system is included as well. Even those who are not needing a new heating and cooling system may find the need for an air purifier system important enough to install sooner rather than later, due to health problems.

Air purification systems are becoming more commonplace because today’s homes and other buildings are considerably more airtight than those built in the past were. This makes heating and cooling systems are more efficient, however it also means that contamination is trapped and build up to a degree not previously seen. Additionally, many materials used in new construction and in furnishings give off volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which can be harmful when they accumulate. To address this problem, the same professionals employed to install a heating and cooling system will often be available to install an air purification systems.

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The Importance of HVAC Repair and Service

The term HVAC refers to the heating, ventilation and air conditioning system in your home. If you think about it, it really is one of the most important pieces of equipment you own. Keeping your HVAC system properly serviced and repaired is essential to ensure that it runs properly and efficiently all year long.

Turner Cooling Air Condition Repair Grand Rapids MIThe industry typically recommends that you service your HVAC system twice a year, usually in spring and fall. They specify these two particular times of year because they mark the transition from using air conditioning to heating and vice versa. During these routine service calls, the HVAC specialist will inspect the system for any problems. He will clean out the unit and lubricate all moving parts. Once this is complete, he may make recommendations for system improvements or repairs.

Having your HVAC system break down is not only an inconvenience, it can be dangerous when the temperatures drop below freezing. Staying in a home without working heat can put your life at risk if it is extremely cold. It can also cause your pipes to freeze, which could result in water damage […]

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Do we Really Need an Indoor Air Quality System?

Air is free. If this is true, why would we need to spend money on an indoor air quality system? Because even though air is free, pure air is not. Did you know that the air in your home or business contains bacteria, dust, mold, pet dander and viruses?

Turner Heating Cooling Comfort Grand Rapids MI AreaScary, isn’t it? You may have never suspected that allergies, asthma and aching joints are triggered by impurities in the air. Are you beginning to see there is a real need for a system that filters and cleans the air in your home or business?

The bite out of your bank account won’t be nearly as painful if you consider air purification an investment in health and wellness. You and your family will feel better and have more energy. Your employees will take fewer sick days. Your HVAC system will perform better once offending microorganisms such as mold, mildew and bacteria have been removed.

Think of all the money you’ll save on doctor visits, inhalers, antibiotics, etc. People sleep better when breathing pure air. With an in home air filtration system, your house […]

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Preparing for Winter

With winter coming quickly, now is the time to make sure that your furnace is in good working order. Don’t wait until the temperatures drop only to find out that you need repairs. Having a certified technician inspect your furnace yearly and perform any routine maintenance that is necessary is a good start. There are also things that you can do yourself that will help cut down on repairs and ensure that you are getting the

Turner Furnace Heating Installation Grand Rapids MImaximum efficiency from your heating system.

The filter in your furnace should be changed at least once a month in most homes. If you have pets or smokers in the home, they may need changed more often. A clean filter allows the air to flow freely to the furnace and maximizes the heat output. Dirty or clogged filters can lead to improper air flow and cause the furnace to work harder than it needs to.

Make sure that all vents are vacuumed thoroughly to remove any dust or pet hair that has built up over the summer months. Along with cleaning the vents, make sure that they […]

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